Diogo Passarinho Studio (2015), is a research based design studio hailing from Berlin. Mainly from private and institutional commissions the studio works with a variety of clients from different fields, maintaining a strong focus on the cultural realm. Across the design spectrum, Diogo Passarinho Studio encompasses, strategic planning, institutional spatial consultancy, exhibition and furniture design.

D_P_S has been responsible for the design of more than 30 art exhibitions, working closely with award winning artists such as Laure Prouvost and The Otolith Group. Most recently, the studio has been commissioned to develop the exhibition architecture and spatial design of the 13th Gwangju Biennale titled "Minds Rising, Spirits Tuning", "Queer Intimacy"  at the Schwulles Museum, "Global Techno" at Museion, Van Abbemuseum permanent collection presentation and "I call it Art " Light Hall opening exhibition at the new Oslo National Museum.

Diogo Passarinho has also founded Pretty Something, a product design company with an astute focus on minimalistic and playful aesthetics.


Diogo Passarinho

Ossastrasse 34, 12045 
Tel: +49 151 46411592
Email: mail(at)diogopassarinho(dot)com
EU ID: DE296212550
Steuernummer: 14/435/03